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Here is what some of our customers have said about us:

"They put in a cool deck on the back of our house last year in April 2004. The quality of work was just excellent. They're great guys. They did as they said they would, it was very high-quality work, and it was on time and on budget."

"We used Tailor Decks, and they were fantastic for our deck and screened porch. I'd give them an A. They went right according to plan, told us exactly what they were going to do, and did it just when they said they would. They were always reliable, showed up on time, and did a great job."

"I had a deck built by Tailor Decks. It was a small company. Excellent deck in the back. It's open, and it'll be there another 100 years. It's that kind of wood that has stuff in it so it doesn't expand and contract. It's really nice."

"One company I would recommend to build a deck is Tailor Decks. It's an awesome deck."

"We did use Tailor. Everything worked out fine, no problem. I had a screened porch and a deck done. They did quite a few things. I had no problems. I'd recommend them."

"We used Tailor Decks. They did a wonderful job. They were great. They built a new deck for us, an all-new deck and a sun porch. Everything worked out great. They did a very nice job."

"We got it done in November of 2004. We used Tailor Decks, and we were very pleased. They did a wonderful job. They were very professional, they cleaned up scraps or anything that they had left out every single day, and nothing was left in a dumpster in the driveway or anything. And I have had a lot of compliments. Everybody's come over to look at it. We're just amazed at how beautiful it is. We've been really pleased. They finished the job. They did extra things to make it look even better, and they had suggestions that really I wouldn't have thought of, but they really made a big difference. It turned out really well, and it's beautiful."

"They built my deck about three years ago, and they did an excellent job. It was a screened porch with a cathedral-style raised roof and everything. It's all cedar, and it's just a beautiful deck. They did an outstanding job. John, who's the owner of the thing, does great work. I had five different estimates, and believe me, they're not the cheapest, but they're the highest quality. I have two pointed roof lines, and they had to put in a special adapter to let the water run off. The only people that could explain it were [another company] and Tailor Decks, and Tailor Decks seemed to have a better grip on it than the other guys, so I went with them."

"I used Tailor, and they did a fine job. They just did the cleaning and sealing. This is a deck that they previously built. Tailor built it. It's the annual seal and pressure wash clean and everything. They did a fine job."

"We did have a deck and porch built two years ago by Tailor Decks. They have really good quality work, and they're a good value."

"They're great, fabulous. One thing is that the man that owns it does the work, so he's on site all the time, actually building things with the crew that works for him. It's not a contracted out job. They built this huge deck and screened-in porch for us in a matter of weeks, which usually you would think that would take three months. I think it was less than four weeks, maybe three weeks. They just came every day, they came very early, and they worked hard all day. When they needed an electrician, they had one on site; they just were great. This is someone I would totally highly recommend."

"They did an excellent job. The materials they used are great, and the structure itself is very well built; it's better than the rest of our house, I think. They did a deck and a screened-in porch, and the supports for the deck are bigger than the supports we have for our little kitchen area. It's really very quality construction. In fact, our neighbors came over and looked at it, and said that it was the best deck they'd ever seen, so I'm not the only one that thinks that. They do an exceptional job. They were easy to work with. We came up with the design ourselves, and they were working with us; they showed us pictures, and they helped us decide what we wanted to do. They were very responsive to our calls when we had a concern. The person that actually did the work was friendly, he was there on time, and he was very prompt and efficient. They got the work done when they said they were going to get it done, and they came when they said they were going to come. I thought they were excellent."

"We're really pleased; they do excellent work. They were on time every day. The workers were there every day, and they just did an outstanding, outstanding job. John Paulin was great to work with. It was just a very pleasant experience, and we were very, very happy. They built a two-story, tiered deck off of our family room, with a huge screened-in porch. Then they also redid a deck area for us. It's really great."

"They actually tore down and rebuilt a whole deck for us last year, and it was the best contractor I've ever used. They were precise in their estimates, and they were on time with all of the construction parts. When they showed up on Monday to start, somebody was here at 6:30 in the morning laying the stuff out for them, and they had the old deck torn down that day. They were completely on schedule all the way through the thing, and they did a really good job of showing us the design upfront and working through the design details, because we changed a number of features. My wife was comfortable with all the workers; they were good, solid people. It's a single-level, very long deck. It's roughly 12 feet by 60 feet, with a screened room on one end of it. We like it. The other reason for my choice was, the quality of the materials they used was two grades above the other two contractors I took a look at. That says a lot, too, because a lot of companies try to cheat you by making you buy the cheaper product, and then charging you just as much as for the expensive stuff. I actually went to a friend of mine, who is an attorney, and he had a deck built for him, and they're consistent on that."

"They do a great job; they really do. They get there at 7:30 in the morning, and they leave at 4:00 in the afternoon, and they work the entire time they're there. They do a really good job; they really do. It was a covered deck, and it had a roof, so they had to go into the house, to the roof line of the house, and put a new roof on. Then they built the deck. They tore out the deck I had, built a new deck, and put a screened porch on it. They were there for over three months. It was a big job for them. I would definitely recommend this company; they're good folks."

"It was excellent. They worked really well; we didn't have any problems at all. They built us a cedar deck with wraparound bench seating, and then they also built a screened-in porch."

"They were excellent. The quality of the work, the punctuality of the job being completed, and everything was all excellent. They had good follow-up, and I have no criticism whatsoever. They did a cedar screened porch. It took about a month."

"They were very good. They always came on time, they were always nice, and they were very professional about everything they did. As they would leave each day, they would put away stuff, or they would keep it looking tidy. We were also very happy about the end product. Even after they finished, we called them up for something, and they were quite nice about it. It was a few months ago. It's a deck outside, and it's one level. It's basically the steps and the actual deck, so you can always walk up to the deck from the back."

"They're fantastic. They built what they said they were going to build, and I think they did it in 12 days. They built not only a deck for us, but also a screened enclosure. The reason why it was fantastic is over the last five years, I've had a couple of people out, and they didn't call me back, they didn't come back, and they all wanted to do a roof with one face. I didn't want a roof with one face; I wanted a roof with two faces, and they seemed to be the only ones who were willing to do what I wanted them to do. I recommended them."

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